Self-Worth: Purpose is Everything

Updated: Jul 4, 2021


Must Do- Let your inner self take the lead.

Why- Purpose connects to the spiritual parts of yourself. When you learn to listen to that inner voice more and block the noise pollution outside of you, you will find yourself in bliss.


I have never been so sure of myself. Through each journal, I have been able to forge through and remain focused on my happiness. I can’t emphasize enough that without purpose, there is nothing. You move unsure, you speak without authority, your boundaries blur, and you have a hard time creating stability in your life without purpose. Not to say that you can’t lead a decent life on earth without a purpose. You can still find love, create moments of happiness and partially satisfy your needs to placation. I was living, but this feels so much more satisfying than anything else I have ever done in my life. Every day since did not go as planned, even publishing the first book went way off schedule, but at no point did I panic. I just kept going, kept talking about it, and working towards it all at the same time.

Purpose puts you on a different playing field, a place where not only all your hopes and dreams are accomplished but are unbounded. It allows the rest of you to open up to possibilities and suggestions that you may not have taken in the past because you were so closed off. I was so cynical, and I had a hard time believing in anybody. Now I find myself having the best conversations with total strangers. I am getting tips and advice to advance myself further in a career I have little knowledge of. There are plenty of resources on the web for anything of interest. People are creating websites, podcasts, and social media platforms to spread the knowledge they have. Many of these avenues are free, and it is an opportunity to expand your knowledge.

What I Realized

The world can be just as pleasant and accepting as it can be cold and condescending. It is a daily decision to live in happiness. It isn’t given or even graced. You have to want it and actively attain it. There will be days that this is highly difficult or challenging to do. You will need to put in overtime. There are other days when happiness flows without any effort. Take this downtime to let go so that you will be more prepared for when things don’t go as well. Joyful moments are a mini-vacation from the hard work you will endure on the other days where it is a struggle. Just know that you are in control of whether the day is good, bad, or horrible. It has more to do with your reaction than it has to do with the things that happen. Prime examples are those who live with terminal illnesses but manage to uplift others with their positive spirits.

What I Did Next

They say to live every day like it is your last. That may be a complex concept to put into reality. The sentiment is the same, though, when it comes to living happily ever after. You choose it; it isn’t given. Every day you will have to make an effort toward the life you want consciously. At first, it will be another job trying to stay present throughout the day. To take everything in, good and bad, and make an effort to guide the day toward happiness for yourself. To accomplish this, challenge yourself to something for someone else, and it is how you handle these situations, which will guarantee if you stay on the happiness path or digress. The intention is what makes the difference. We tend to stay on autopilot once we find a niche that is more peaceful than the others. No matter if it makes us happy or not. Autopilot is the problem because we are no longer intentional. So be intentional.