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Day 10 of 14: Taking Care during COVID-19 Self Quarantine


1) Yourself - Cleaning extends to all things. You have probably let many things go with the fact that you have to go nowhere or no place to continue your usual grooming practices. Now it is time to learn to do some of the things you may have paid others to do for so long. This will help to pass the time in your days, as well as keep your self-esteem intact while you are quarantined. One way you can accomplish this is by grooming yourself. Whether it be a facial, trimming a beard, cutting hair, painting nails, pedicure, etc. pamper yourself today.


Try not to make a chore but a new adventure to discover something you like. Or look at it as a way to maintain in between paying someone else. Once things are back up and running, you will have a new skill set just in case - or if you choose, you never have to do this again. Learning something new, though, will always come in handy.


2) Dependents - Kids get bored easily. Some have very active imaginations and think of some of the wildest but funniest things to do with their time. So let them explore some of those outlandish ideas. If you are stuck indoors this is the perfect opportunity to allow the kids to create a mess that allows them to stay engaged and playful. Entertaining kids is important when you have many other things to accomplish in the day. You can worry about the cleanup later.


If your kids aren't as prone to think of things to do, or too young to make their ideas known, there are a few websites that can give you some ideas. Build an indoor tent/fort, or let the kids build one. Create a slide, rocket ship, or pirate ship out of odds and ends you find around the house. Don’t worry about the cleanup; just let them get their body moving and the mind imagining.


3) Planning Ahead - One mess at a time. Everything doesn't have to be done in one day, or even one week. But you find that the cleaner your space is, your fear, depression, sadness, and aggression may improve by leaps and bounds. Create a board for your children that you can use to get time for their favorite video games or activities. Decide how much time you would like to give for each completed chore or activity. Spot clean little by little. If your toddler is curious, allow time to help in their own special way. This will not only help to create a sense of ownership for this but also give them a boost of confidence to want to try something else.

4) Activity for all - DIY: Give an old room a new look by repainting the room. Reupholster your chairs and give them a fresh look. It can brighten up your room without breaking the bank. Add a new area rug or a new piece, rearrange the furniture, and give the room a new feel. There are plenty of things you can do to make an old room look or feel new. Try a few.

Address the Mess

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