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Be a Snowflake

Born Beautifully Boundless Entry #4

Must do - Be unapologetically you!

Why - There is a reason you are uniquely you. You are here for a purpose, and that is all you need. No permission is needed to be yourself; as long as what you are doing and saying is not meant to negatively affect others, then by all means, "do you."

Perspective: Success looks different for everyone, like the snowflakes in the sky…innumerable! There is no one size fits all for happiness or the journey towards it. There is no one really, not even me, who can tell you how it is done or obtained for you. People can give suggestions, observations and share their experiences to be of some service to another. Maybe something that is said or done will resonate with your personality and allow you to open yourself to your own individual success/happiness. For me, these things go hand in hand; for you, this may need to be tailored to fit your particular situation. That is okay and doesn’t make my journey any less valid or helpful to your own.

What I Realized Being a snowflake means that even this will be a singular experience that only I will have. I may have similarities to other journeys’ taken, but mine is mine alone. My own forever. So now I have to accept that even as I walk down this path and see others, I can smile and nod, but the truth is no one has walked my exact path in totality. This is what being a snowflake is all about, being uniquely you, no apologies necessary. Own it. Knowing that this also is a huge part of your core. You are the sum of all of your experiences. Not one of those can be the shape of you alone. Enjoy every ridge, crevice, or missing area because its shape is what makes you beautiful.

What I Did Next

I have recognized my lack (of happiness), made a decision to be more attentive to that lack, made a plan to begin taking steps toward the goal, accepted painful and pleasurable experiences as positives toward my growth, began to listen actively to all inner voices negative and positive, modified plan (if needed), blamed or felt guilty with every shift, and embraced my core self. Wow, what an accomplishment! So much achieved in so little time, and for that, praise is deserved. Please believe the entries aren’t mere days long. Don’t begin to limit yourself by comparison "snowflake.” This was not accomplished in four days. I, myself, had to reread these words to keep myself on track, and every day I struggle to stay the course. I found myself editing entry #1 of BBB and needed to hear my own words two, three months later. And I don’t doubt I will again revisit them – no fault, no guilt, with no blame.


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