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Challenge Yourself


Must do - Get out of your comfort zone.

Why - When you try something new, you grant yourself the ability to not only expand your knowledge but open yourself up to another realm of possibility.


Sometimes we get into ruts because we keep doing the same things repeatedly but expecting different results. We are creatures of habits. As children, we are trained on schedules created by others. As adults, we continue to condition ourselves through others’ schedules. Sometimes without us having a clue that this is happening. We take a job, and then years in, find ourselves creating a life around the schedules set by our jobs. Schedules can be very limiting when you haven’t had any input. A schedule created by another now dictates the ability to afford our life’s comforts.

We can only find true freedom when creating our wealth outside of a nine to five job. Please don’t limit your thought process around the actual times that I gave. This job can be overnight, or only three days a week in the afternoon. The point is that you can be making 100k a year or 20k a year. It is not about how much you make; it is about you being subjected to a schedule you did not create to live the lifestyle you are living. If you want more control over your time, you have to find a way to generate wealth outside your job’s confines. Passive income is the way to go.

What I Realized

Too many of us live check to check because our income is active only. Meaning we have to go out and do something to receive the money. Subjected to work more hours to make more income and there are only so many hours in a day. Many of us end up working more than we enjoy life, our families, or our friends trying to obtain necessities. Very few luxuries. The hardest working in society are essential workers, which tend to be unproportionate people of color. Working themselves into graves and are perpetuated as lazy by media portrayals when the truth is the exact opposite. Meanwhile, we watch others enjoy life daily and seem to have enough disposable income to work less and play often. They are those that are work less but make more, and so they claim to be the hardest working.

Passive income allows us to continue to do our daily grind but still brings more income than we are grinding for. Real estate, flipping houses, stocks, and product sales are essential for passive income. You want to bring in extra income so that you are no longer living paycheck to paycheck and you have more freedom to call off and use your time as you want. It would help if you created a schedule for yourself and not a slave to the clock for someone else. The challenge is now expanding your knowledge of ways to make passive income and then try a few hobbies that fall within that category. You don’t want to waste time doing something you don’t love or enjoy doing. This will cause more stress than be of help.

What I Did Next

Don’t spend your time overthinking things. Challenge yourself to do something new for yourself daily. No matter how small. Start with fourteen days and fourteen ways to try something new for yourself. Things that you don’t need the participation of another to get it done. On you by you. See what you enjoy the most, and then begin to think of ways to market, sell your product or invest your money. No longer should you stand stagnantly waiting. Time keeps going whether you take charge of it or let it slip through your fingers. If you are tired of the grind, then now is where you need to begin making life happier. If it is not changing careers totally, then think of ways to include passive income in your repertoire.


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