Faith: In Yourself

What are you worth to yourself?

My Life: When talking about the word faith, it has always been placed in the context of religion. Seldomly, is it mentioned or talked about when talking about the physical world. We can forget that faith, like love, should be an intricate part of our daily lives. Life was just a walk I took for an exceedingly long time. I was going through the motions and unhappy with what life presented. I found some fleeting moments of happiness during family get together’s, with my children, and on vacation. Otherwise, everything else was bland and depressing. If my life wasn’t exciting enough, you hear on the news or conversations with others more of the horrible things that prevent belief in anything better. Like love, faith in self is almost a figment to attain.

The world was weighing down on my spirit and my lackluster attitude stopped me from moving and believing altogether. Faith and love are the same, in that they are intangibles that are necessary for happiness. If you don’t understand and use them for self, then they become unattainable outside of self. They become figments, unreasonable desires that cause other negative feelings and make life not worth living. I have discussed that love magnetizes itself, and faith works in the same way. When you begin to believe in yourself and your abilities, others will support your belief and are drawn to your spirit because of it. They become fans.

Reflection: What are you worth to yourself (BBB#17 Know Your Worth)? Do you see yourself as royalty, or do you treat yourself like a pauper? I wanted to be royalty, but I believed I was a pauper because of the horrible things that happened to me as a child. That anyone could do what they wanted to me because they had already. If I wasn’t worth it to myself, then the people in contact with me could treat me anyway. I had to decide what I was worth so that I could create boundaries that fit each circumstance. It allowed me to feel the power I had by advocating for myself in such small ways. The more I practiced the minor things, the more I was able to exert myself in larger circumstances.

It wasn’t like one day that I was given a magic key to begin to then walk in a castle and be fake about it. What happened is that I hit my rock bottom, so I said, what the hell. I’ve tried everything else, so let me just do something I love no matter what anyone else thinks. Well, others were impressed. I was like, really! I have been doing this forever; you want more. Then I began to say to myself no matter what, I would set goals and accomplish them no matter what. Along the way, more people join in on the bandwagon, and the feedback feels incredible. The connection is made in others, and they help to build the faith you have in yourself. Each step becomes easier to take.

The Test: Be a Snowflake (BBB#4)! Be unapologetically yourself no matter what. Decide who you want to be in this world and then take steps, make plans, and show the world. Not everyone will be supportive, but those who will help build you up to know that being exactly who you are is what the world needs right now. This is not an easy thing to do. When you have not given yourself credit, love, or belief, it doesn’t just happen overnight. It is a work in progress that you will have to put in work. Sometimes you will need to get a therapist, a village, meditate, pray, practice a hobby, reflect often, and sometimes start all over again. But all the work you put towards yourself is more than well worth it when others see you clearly.